Gus Tsatsis

Founder of Aeolus Alternative Engergy, Inc. Constantino Tsatsis aka Gus as his friends and family call him, has always been concerned with the future of planet Earth, and the living things that inhabit it. He has spent his whole life thinking, dreaming, and pondering how to make life better and cleaner for mankind. As population rates go up, and areas of our world become more congested,we need to come up with new technology and ideas to reduce humanity’s negative impact on the environment. That is exactly what Gus is set out to do.

Gus originally from Greece, where he played professional soccer, moved tothe United States in 1972, and started a humble pizza shop with his wife Angie in Lynnfield, MA in 1977. After long days managing his shop, and when he is not spending time with his children and grand children, Gus spends every waking moment coming up with new and innovative ideas to make a difference for a brighter future. After the pizza ovens shut down for the night, the lights go out, and the door is locked, Gus returns home to spend the night researching and building upon his ideas.

Gus received and engineering degree from Valianios Technical Institute in Cephalonia Greece, in 1965 before moving to the United States. This engineering background, gives him the technical abilities to think outside the box to design the technology that he knows can save the planet.

In 2000 Gus was awarded a patent for his high pressure electric charging design for automobiles, and has a patent pending for a low pressure turbine design. With these designs Gus hopes to create environmentally friendly and efficient automobiles and home energy systems to lessen human impact on the world.



Aeolus Alternative Engery, Inc. has long been concerned with the world dependence on fossil fuel and the impact this has on the environment. The increase in catastrophic environmental disasters, such as major floods and rising ocean water tells us there is no doubt that climate change is a direct result of our burning of fossil fuels. There will become a time when the Earth’s supply of fossil fuels will run dry; it may not be in our lifetime, but definitely in future generations. It is time for us as human beings to concern ourselves with the future for the benefit of our children and children’s children.

The move to alternative forms of energy production is slowly beginning with wind farms, nuclear powered plants, and public awareness programs. The United States Government’s stricter regulations for factories and automobile production is a step in the right direction. However as population rises and more vehicles are on the road, this only slows down the ever increasing rate of fuel consumption.

Through wind energy, Aeolus wants to create a brighter and cleaner future for generations to come. Both cost benefits, and the potential to no longer rely on fossil fuels, shows that wind energy is a step in the right direction to a world where the humanity’s negative impact on the environment is greatly reduced.




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