Verticle Axis Turbine


Tsatsis Turbines has been researching, developing, and testing vertical axis wind turbine systems for home and small business applications for the past 15 years. After 4 prototype designs, Aeolus has come to a 5th and final design ready for production. The final design will be able to produce enough power for homes and small businesses of varying sizes to work both on and off the power grid for a significant cost savings. The system can be used in conjunction with the existing power grid to reduce energy costs for homeowners, or can be used in a completely self sufficient system with no connection to the grid at all. The system can be tailored to each user’s needs based on location, size, and power output required. With output levels of anywhere between 1.5 – 3.5kw/hr for homes, and 5-20kw/hr for small businesses. In addition to the overall savings in energy production, significant tax benefits are offered through the federal government.

Low Pressure Turbine (Patent Pending #: 13-065389)





Automotive Turbine


Tsatsis Turbines is developing, and testing wind turbine systems for automotive applications for electric vehicles. The first prototype is being tested, and the final design will be able to produce enough energy to double the range of current electric vehicles through a slower discharge of the batteries. This will give commuters the ability to travel with a significant savings compared to a conventional internal combustion engine, and without the need to recharge after only a short distance. In addition to the savings, this design will lower the emissions produced on the road and lessen the impact on the environment.

High Pressurized Electric Charging (Patent #: 6054838)

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